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Making your car look its best with the perfect body parts

Your car’s body parts are some of the most important things about your car. In fact, these parts are what holds your car together. Without them, our cars would look rather silly. At Tiong Hee Auto Supply, we want to offer you the best parts that your money can buy.

Tiong Hee Auto Supply sells some of the top of the line bumpers and bumper covers. We can also sell you replacement bumper covers for a lower price than most of our competitors. We value you as a customer and we will go out of way to keep your business for as long as you have your car.

We also sell a variety of other car body parts such as hoods, fuel pumps, spark plugs, fenders, air filters, head and tail lights, automotive fasteners, retainers and clips and door handles. You can buy all of the parts that you need to make your car look its best! Once you have spoken with one of our professionals at Tiong Hee Auto Supply, it is time for you to change those old body parts and get your car running like new.