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What is a car without a battery/tyre?


Everyone knows the importance of a car battery and tyres, without it, your car won’t run let alone move off the lot. At Tiong Hee Auto Supply, we know just how important your car battery and tyres can be. If you do not replace it often enough, you can have severe problems. A lot of these problems can cost you a lot of money over time.

We carry a huge variety of car batteries and tyres from domestic to import batteries/tyres. You will find some of the best quality and brands of car batteries and tyres at Tiong Hee. You will not be let down with our quality and prices.

Because your car needs a battery/tyres, it is also very important to have a either a battery charger or jumper cables or wheels accessories. Jumper cables are quite possibly one of the most important tools that you can have in your car at all times. We carry quite a few types of jumper cables and you can find the top brands at our store.

When you decide on buying a new car battery or tyres, look no further than us. We will give you the finest quality products that your money can buy and we will put our full word on it!