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Adding a little color to your car











When you decide to paint your car, it is very important that picking a color is the last thing on your list. Before you choose a color, there are other things to remember to buy. You will have to know if you need a primer, a base coat, a finish, or a rust solution. At Tiong Hee Auto Supply, our very education paint specialists will be able to help you make these hard decisions. They will make this decision incredibly easy for you.

There are many options when it comes to paint products. If you are looking for the perfect finish, we have many types of primers for you to choose from. We carry epoxy, self-etching primer, urethane primer, and polyester primer. We can help you choose which one will work best with the type of car that you have.

After you have found the primer you need, you can choose your custom color. You will need to a basecoat or clear coat which you can also purchase from us. We have everything that you will need to make your car shine and sparkle! We have a variety of colors from flats to candies. We can find the best metallic colors for you or just a mid-range basecoat. Our professionals will even mix paints for you in order to get the color you have always wanted.