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Finding 4WD accessories for your car


















If you have a Jeep, truck, or any type of vehicle that requires four-wheel drive, you are probably looking for four-wheel drive accessories that will make your vehicle look even better. At Tiong Hee Auto Supply, we offer quite a few different four-wheel drive accessories.

If you drive a truck that has a cab, more than likely you will need a cover for the cab. Most people will get these directly from the dealership when they buy their truck, but we have quite a few different options for you when you want to buy another one. We feature folding covers, hard covers, roll-up covers, retractable covers, and heavy duty covers. You can find the best cover for your truck.

Tiong Hee Auto Supply also sells nerf bars, fender flares, wheels, bumpers, and many types of tires, all types of different lighting, lift kits, shocks, performance enhancing kits, and exhaust features. You can find pretty much everything that you need to get your four-wheel drive vehicle looking, sounding, and driving the way you want it to.

Once you find all of the accessories you want for your vehicle, there will be no stopping you and your car!