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ECOLAX HD-40 Mineral & DieselX4L

ECOLAX HD-40 Mineral & DieselX4L

RM46.00 MYR

Ecolax Gasoline/Diesel Engine oil HD40 API CF4/SF is a quality motor oil for diesel and petrol engines in both on-and-off highway and equipment. It provides good detergency that controls deposits and varnish in the combustion chamber and piston that could lead to ring sticking,rust and corrosion.


High quality motor oil providing dependable engine protection for passenger cars,light trucks and most turbocharged,supercharged engines on gasoline/diesel under the most severe and varied operating conditions.


  • Prolong engine life
  • Minimize soot formation
  • Minimize corrosion and wear 
  • Reduce friction,sludge and varnish


Exceeds the highest performance specification including

  • API CF4/SF

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