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ECOLAX ATF DIII is a premium synthetic blend automatic transmission fluid which specially designed to meet and exceed the highest performance which required by the North American, Asian and European's OEM. It also meets the published JASO M315 Type 1-A specification and other Asian OEM's like Hyundai, Subaru and Mazda. It is suitable for use in automatic transmission calling for GM DEXRON III/GH, Ford MERCON and Allison C-4

Applications: It is suitable for use in a wide variety of North American, Asian and European vehicles

Performance Features: Excellent anti-shudder performance Provide smooth, jerk free shift performance Unique formulation Provide high level of protection to extend fluid life and transmission life Excellent flow properties, Exceptional high and low temperature performance Excellent viscosity stability (high viscosity index) Provide adequate lubrication at high and low temperature.

Ecolax ATF DIII is not suitable in few pre- 1986 vehicles where Type F fluids are specified or some recent vehicles equipped with continuous variable transmission (CVTs). It also is not suitable for 2006 and later GM vehicles required DEXRON®VI, Ford requiring Type SP, Ford Mercon LV, Toyota WS, Nissan Matic-K, newer Daimler and some other manufacturer's 6 and 7 speed transmissions, and other specialty transmission where a low viscosity ATF is recommended or OEM specific fluid is required. Always check application before using or adding any automatic transmission fluid.


                                  Performance Specifications:

  • JASO M315 Type 1A
  • Isuzu BESCO ATF-II and ATF –III
  • Honda ATF Z-1, DW-1
  • Toyota Type T-IV , WS
  • Suzuki ATF Oil and ATF Oil Special
  • GM Vehicles Model year up to 2005
  • Nissan Matic Fluid C, D, J, S
  • Mazde ATF M-III, ATF M-V, FZ
  • FORD vehicles Model year up to 2006
  • Mitsubishi SP-II AND SP-III, PA
  • Daihatsu Ammix ATF D3-SP
  • Subaru ATF
  • Hyundai/Kia SP III/IV

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